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Good Dudes and Good Brews

Welcome Dudes and Dudettes! Come on in and take a look around our digital home. Here you’ll be able to venture into the world of the The Dudes’ Brewing Company, learn about our craft beer and why we believe having fun is the most important ingredient for everything. With a focus on the Southern California lifestyle, our laid back approach to craft beer is seen in our personality, style and tasting room, but one thing that is always taken seriously is the brewing process. We plan to continue bringing great beers to everyone looking for a little slice of SoCal but you can see and learn about our beers for yourself by clicking the OUR BREWS button below.


Did That Make You Thirsty?
Today's News and BrewsThe tasting room will be open Friday, May 15th at 3:00 PM! We will have all of your favorite DUDES' Brews on tap.
Today's News and BrewsFind out what's on tap at the tasting room... visit the tasting room page.
Today's News and BrewsWe're opening new tasting room locations this summer. Where would you like us to open one? Let us know on our contact page!

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The Dudes' Brew is specifically made for anyone of legal drinking age. You must be 21 or older to start a session here.